Gravitational Freedom of Empty Space A new physic theory, scientific paper.
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The constant of gravitational freedom of empty space is inferred through a completion of the symmetry between Coulomb force and gravitational force equations.

I suggest that gravitational freedom of empty space is the 3D equivalent of 2D electric permittivity of empty space and 1D magnetic permeability of empty space. The present value of electric permittivity must be corrected to account for gravitational freedom of empty space, which fits naturally into the speed of light equation.

Thickness of Present and Dimensional Cleavage Other new physic principles, scientific paper.
© Benoît Leroux, Ben et Fils Net, 2004-2005

The present has a time thickness. The thickness of present defines the time interval required for the realization of the Pauli exclusion principle. Thickness of present varies with the wavelength of particles. It can be calculated using the thickness of present factor, which is the reciprocal of the speed of light.

The square of the thickness of present factor equals the product of the constants relating to each of the three dimensional orders 1D, 2D and 3D. Each of these constants refers to a specific type of field: magnetic, electric and gravitational.

Dimensional cleavage is an angle that changes with the relative velocities of two referential frames. It varies between 0 and p/2. Like Lorentz transformations, the angle of dimensional cleavage underscores the phenomenon of relativistic effects on masses, lengths and clocks.

A dimensional cleavage of pi/2 occurs between two contiguous dimensional orders. This type of cleavage occurs on the front of present, inducing the future in which the quantum probability wave is spread out.

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